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Landlord/Tenant Dispute Resolution

Landlord Tenant Dispute Resolution

In commercial real estate, disagreements between landlords and tenants are common. Lease terms, common areas, renovations, lease modifications and early termination are issues that are often subject to dispute. Although it is best to have an attorney review a commercial lease before you sign it, the reality is that businesses’ needs change over time. In some cases, it may be possible to modify the terms of the lease.

Jeffrey Moscot is a real estate veteran and longtime real estate attorney experienced at negotiating and reviewing commercial lease agreements. If a disagreement arises after the lease is signed, Jeff works collaboratively with the landlord and tenant to identify a solution that satisfies the respective goals of both parties.

Considerations for Commercial Tenants

As a business grows, its needs often change. For a commercial business, location is essential to growing its customer base. Therefore, tenants often benefit from remaining in the same location for an extended period of time.

Disputes frequently arise when a business owner determines that it is necessary to make improvements or renovations to the facilities. Although most commercial leases include terms related to modifications or property improvements, it is difficult for a business owner to forecast what type of space will be needed in the future. As a business grows, it may be necessary to expand or renovate the commercial space. In addition, businesses may be acquired by other companies and require a modification to the lease agreement.

Landlord Interests

Commercial landlords have a financial incentive to keep their properties occupied. Generally, commercial leases extend over a time period of many years. Ideally, all issues regarding the lease terms will be worked out between the parties before the lease agreement is signed. However, as a business grows, the needs of the parties may change. An experienced real estate lawyer can help resolve any disputes that arise.

As an alternative to evicting a commercial tenant who breaches a lease, an attorney may be able to help the parties reach an alternative agreement that will satisfy their needs. The landlord may be able to offer reduced rent for a period of time to avoid a substantial financial loss. The lease terms could be modified to give the tenant more time to make overdue payments, or a payment plan could be established. Jeff works with tenants and landlords to draft lease amendments, termination agreements and other out-of-court solutions.

Dispute Resolution Solves Problems Quickly and Efficiently

In a commercial lease dispute, it is rarely necessary to take the matter to court. However, time is of the essence. A drawn out court battle can cost you time and money. Jeff understands the importance of your time and will work to resolve your dispute as quickly and effectively as possible through dispute resolution.
Dispute resolution is an informal, collaborative process that fosters communication and problem solving between the parties. In the business world, many possible solutions to disputes often exist. Commercial real estate involves a great deal of financial risk and it is in the parties’ best interests to reach amicable solutions to their problems.

Contact a Real Estate Attorney to Resolve Your Commercial Landlord Tenant Dispute

Jeff is skilled at resolving disputes involving commercial real estate leases. He assists commercial landlords and tenants by reviewing leases and negotiating lease terms. Whether the dispute involves extending the duration of the lease, early termination of the lease, modifications or maintenance issues, Jeff can help.

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