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Financing of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions typically involve greater sums of money than residential transactions. For this reason, the vast majority of commercial real estate transactions involve outside loans or financing. This is often a critical part, from both a business and legal perspective, of the real estate purchase or sale process. It is prudent to have an attorney represent you to ensure that your interests are fully protected in the process of obtaining a loan or financing.

An experienced commercial real estate attorney, such as the Conejo Valley Law Group, can review your loan documents to ensure that they accurately reflect your needs and protect your interests. Because it is far easier to prevent potential issues before arise, it is ideal to have an attorney review your loan documents when they are first drafted by the lender. The use of professional legal assistance during the process of obtaining and negotiating the terms and conditions of your loan can save you money in the long run and give you peace of mind.

Types of Business Loans

Eligibility for a commercial real estate loan depends on a number of factors. A Thousand Oaks real estate attorney can advise you of your options and help you determine which type of loan best suits your business goals. Several common loan options include:

  • Real Estate Purchase Loan – A real estate purchase loan establishes a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage for a commercial property.
  • Bridge Loan – A bridge loan is a temporary loan that can be obtained while a borrower is waiting to be approved for long-term financing.
  • Joint Venture Loan – A joint venture loan may be appropriate for partners who are unable to secure financing as individuals. The partners share equally in the profits and losses of the property.

A Ventura County Real Estate Attorney Protects Clients' Interests

As a Ventura County attorney and businessperson, Jeff has worked with the major lenders in California and nationwide in securing financing to purchase or refinance commercial real estate. His experience as a commercial real estate professional, entrepreneur and lawyer make him uniquely qualified to assist business clients seeking financing for their real estate ventures.

Jeff guides his clients through every step of the commercial real estate transaction from drafting the purchase agreement to securing financing and conducting a due diligence investigation of the property to negotiating the transactional documents and assisting at closing. Before you sign your loan documents, contact the Conejo Valley Law Group.

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